We work solely in this region and therefore we are focused entirly on the needs of this locality. Our work provides a platform for the children and young people to express themselves through various artistic processess.

How this project makes a difference...

  • It promotes sharing and learning new creative skills
  • It provides children with a broader education
  • It inspires and challenges young people
  • It creates local employment
  • It creates topical work that helps address local issues
photos of volunteers

We are after volunteers for our short creative programmes. Gap creative is focused on delivering creative workshops in drama, dance, music, art, jewellery and photography into the Great Rift Valley, Kenya. volunteers learn, teach and explore. We welcome all skill levels whether your a hobbyist, student or professional theres a place for your passion.

The project has grown organically and has a real focus on creative development through volunteers sharing their skills and learning from local artists and industry professionals volunteering. The educational content to be gained from the project is achieved through informal and action learning. Through application - volunteers apply their skills learnt in their own creative field and expansion- building on their knowledge and experience by being challenged to use their imagination and organisational skills to bring together interactive and meaningful projects. It is the challenge of using their creativity in this manner that really distinguishes us from other voluntary projects. Expect to run an hour long workshop (times can vary) for 3 to 4 days a week (with our support). This will require some pre planning and post workshop reflection time as well.

Our projects run 5 or 6 times a year in two month cycles. Therefore you can come out for anything from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Some volunteers come out for their summer holidays others a two week get away. We believe you can achieve more in short focused programmes rather than having too much time aimlessly drifting along!

We also encourage volunteers to develop their own workshops in accordance with their own sets of unique skills they may have such as voice, water colours, mime, clowning or percussion…so bring your craft ,share it, develop it or come and learn one.


All volunteers stay at Mama Africa's home, a home from home guest house that's shared with fellow creative volunteers. It's about 10 minutes out of Nakuru town and it's a great chill out spot. It's a small holding where Mum grows her own veg, has a cow, goat and even her own honey. You are welcome to help grow, pick veg daily, milk the cow feed rabbits etc. You couldn't be safer as Mum has lived there for 30 years and she is a respected member within the local community. There are double rooms which you may have to share with a volunteer/friend. There is also a nice big bathroom, living room with tv and... internet! Basically if you are working really hard you deserve a comfortable rest at a nice home don't you? The garden is beautiful you can sunbathe, read, lay in a hammock, play table tennis or badminton, it's pretty much bliss. You get breakfast and dinner cooked for you and if you don't know how to cook, this is a great chance to learn.

photos of the accomodation