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Weekends and time off periods are your chance to experience all that Kenya has to offer. We organize weekend tours - adventures to the Masai mara and the Great Lakes to see wildlife and visit conservation projects. Then there's the white sandy beaches of the Indian ocean. If you're feeling really adventurous we do trips up Mt.Kenya and Kilimanjaro as well

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Here's what you can get up to beyond the great rift...

  • Safaris

    The most famous of Kenya's reserves is the Masai Mara. It is home to the annual Wildebeest Migration, when over one million animals cross from the Serengeti every year in search of fresh grazing. Kenya is home to the Big Five animals of lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo, as well as a vast collection of birdlife and other wildlife all for you to discover!

  • Mombasa

    Situated on the east coast of Kenya, in Coast Province, Mombasa's bordering the Indian Ocean. Travel down on the overnight train which is an incredible scenic journey in itself. Wake up and head down to the white sandy beaches of east Africa. Snorkeling, fishing, chilling...

  • Lakes

    Kenya is also famous for its Rift Valley Lakes, that lie on the floor of the Great Rift valley. The most famous is Lake Nakuru, a National Park that is home to a multitude of flamingos as well as being an excellent place to see Rhino. Lake Nakuru, and the smaller Lake Elementaita to its south, are both soda lakes, but the nearby Lake Naivasha is fresh water and as a result is an excellent destination for bird watchers, with fish eagles and kingfishers abounding.

  • Adventure Biking

    Spend time in Hells Gate seeing wildlife in its natural habitat, all on your bike.

  • Mountain Climbing

    For those of you who are a little more adventurous we offer you the opportunity to climb the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Kenya. An incredible journey